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found a skunk 2 exhaust


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Some guy in town is selling a skunk 2 exhaust he said it is like two yeaqrs old. He said it is like the mega model or something any of you know the exact name for that I was going to look it up on youtube. He is selling it for 200 with a test pipe does that sound pretty decent?

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Hey was just looking on youtube again found one that sounds decent with same engine and it doesnt sound horrible that one busted showed sounds like crap for sure tho... idk how to actualy put the video on this site but here is the link. He does not give it at all tho in this video it seems like they sound bad once you get higher in rpm

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that was the longest i have ever seen anyone take to make a dyno pull.



the first video sounds like ass and it was prolyl with a test pipe. the second one wasn't too bad.

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