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pics of mi car!!!!!!! i got photo happy lo


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looks good man, i like it a lot. can you tint your front windows in david banners state?



lol yea, i had it tinted wen i first got it...had ta take it off it was too dark....state inspection........but, im gona put some back on anyway

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I am sure they see you coming a mile away. Black car, aftermarket wheels, radar detector in the window. 12 years of driving and I have only received 3 speeding citations. I never owned a radar detector, sell yours and find out where your local SCCA chapter meets. For the day to day drive, learn to read the traffic and keep in mind that law enforcement often stakes out sections of road people are prone to killing themselves on, so it is for your own good. Take it to the track and let loose there, remember it's me, my kids, and all of us on the forum out there and we don't want you to crash into us by speeding no more than you want to hit us.

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