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Cheapest wheel/tire combos?

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I just bought my first civic a few days ago and it came with these gaudy lame 17 rims and i am going to get rid of them. Since i am new to the whole honda thing (used to drive a firebird) i was wondering if you guys knew the best place to get cheap cheap wheel tire combos. i could care less about the value, i am not getting this car to race, i just want it to look decent. if you guys know anywhere, your help would be much appreciated!





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you could of jsut made one post, just to let you know.


as for tire and wheel como's you could look at tirerack.com and see what they have.



Edit: I've always bought mine seperatly.

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if you are looking for really cheap hit your local craigslist.com


just make sure you don't give anyone your address and I wouldn't drive your civic to pick them up. I would guess half the wheels on CL are stolen, and if the thief knows your car and where you live he may just steal them back in a few weeks.

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