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01 plastic rear windows??


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wats up everyone, i have a 01 s2000 and ive tried the meguiars rag top cleaners (i havent tried the plast-x yet, but only cuz i had this stuff here already at home) and it didnt do a thing to my rear window.. not to mention i see that u put the plast-x INSIDE the window? i have these lil spots all over my rear window and cant get them off no matter how clean i keep my car... any suggestions??

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Yes, use the plast-x on the inside of the window. just rub it in like a wax and the wipe off with a clean rag. You might need to do the window more than once to get it looking good, but it should do the trick.


If you notice part of the problem on the outside of the window, then you can use plast-x on the outside as well.

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yeah this plast-x stuff is pretty good, i only put one application to my rear window and it turned out very well.. cant wait for the rain to stop before i can put on another application to it.. i also used it on my brothers 00 civic si headlights and they look brand new !!

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