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Now here is something I would not mind having

Rick B.

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yes, its the FTO. I imagine the v6 is a small engine that probly doesnt have a good intake flow and exhaust flow. a few mods and Im sure it would free up.


the 2004 v6 mustangs had 190hp

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yeah i had a sick FTO in the first grand turismo. did the "racing modification" option and then it was green with a bunch of white CASTROL stickers. had a huge turbo on it, but the lag was a beotch

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FTOs were all right, I mean they did make Japan Car of the Year and the grey markets in Europe pushed Mitsubishi to bring the Japan-only model to Europe. I believe unlike Gran Turismo tho, the cars only came in FF configuration and were often panned as no grunt down low. Suspension was soft and the car had typical Mitsubishi build, at the time, of creaks and noises. I suppose that's why the Japanese never took to the car when you could have a Prelude, Celica, or a Silvia.

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oh thats just a screen shot that i found on google.


but yeah that wrx you could have in the game, was the best car by far once you fully modded it

then came the Suzuki Pikes Peak Touring, with 1047 hp turbod, and steered...well very little.lol


speaking of all this i just sold my ps2 for like $150 on ebay :sleep2: ...so now all i have is the original nintendo. i was planing on getting a ps3 but this whole car project of mine has turned me away from it.lol

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