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well thats ur opinion. and yeah u either love coheed or u hate'm...in my case they are my favorite band...ive met them twice and gotten a couple autographs...


But wat ppl fail to consider is that coheed is based on a story Claudio has written himself...a fictional story about...well its to in depth to explain. But they have thier own line of comics and grafic novels to explain the story if u cant pick it up from the cds. Each cd tells the story one step at a time. Alot of ppl dont know about that which is the reason why they look at the track names and have no idea wat they mean.lol But they are alot more in depth they u all proly know...


...But screw u all if u dont like coheed.lol im just kidding :laugh:


no matter if u like the band or not...u gotta give it to claudio for being such an amazing guitar player...and travis.


(this is proly the longest reply "ftl" has ever gotten) lol haha

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underoath is terrible


coheed gets to be way too much after about 2 minutes

...UR TOO MUCH!!!! lol jk


Its funny how many ppl dont like coheed. i wasnt a big fan when i heard them but then i took a liking to them and im hooked.lol to each their own.


Underoath is alright. every song sounds the same to me...each album sounds just like the others. But i proly wouldve went anyway.lol...concerts are fun. im going to see Rooney and the Polyphonic Spree in Baltimore nxt month at Rams head just cause.lol go ahead and rip on me about that too. haha

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