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This is heartbreaking...


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those of you who watch the news regularly you may have heard something about this- the site is www.dogsindanger.com & it is without a doubt the most heartbreaking thing i have seen in a long time. there are dogs which are euthanised each and everyday- this site lists pets currently waiting to be put down as well as how many days they have left to live. some of these dogs are only puppies- maybe 6 or 8 weeks old and aren't even being given a chance. It's a worthy cause and if anyone is looking for a dog, then please refer them to the site and give it a chance. Even if you aren't interested in adopting, then please consider donating to the site- the money is used to rescue these dogs and place them in foster homes or non-kill shelters until a permanent and loving home is found for them.


Chris and I are planning on putting in a phone call for an 8 week old puppy that's due to be put down in 2 days, but the rest of the litter will still be euthanised- 4 other puppies. And they're killing off these dogs just to make room for more. It's heartbreaking.



Chan, the 8 week old puppy we're adopting with only 2 days left to live.

How could you say no to a face like that?!

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Dam that sucks. I'm trying to get a little brother for my yorkie (Jordan) He is full of love when people are home but when I come home his face is wet of tears. I want to get another yorkie or a miniature pinscher something small that wont eat my little Jordan.Hope people start to save some dogs.Good Luck with everything.

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