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"...cams and valvetrain and tuning."


That was the heart of CRX tuning back in the day (1st Gen). Pull out the cam and throw it on a lathe. Stock D15 in the Si could put up with about 10k without too much addition build-up.

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i have a b18c1 and i just had it balanced and all the stuff and i bought a turbo setup and i wanted to know what everyone thought a good redline would be?



I built a GSR for my girl and we are using pro2's from SK2 and I rev to 9,800rpm. I have seen turbo cars reving that high to. It at really depends on your turbo setup compression, valvetrain, etc. Becarefull high revs doesn't automatically means that you make power at high rpms but with a good setup my car pulls and asks for more!

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