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K20 Hatch Owns. =)

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Oh let's not forget.. Supra nor Firebird gets it's eardrums busted when going WOT..


Gotta love full interior and air conditioning.

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too bad that supra has 400whp. thats NOTHING for a supra. pretty badass hatch though, but if that supra was really hooked up it would crap all over that thing.

Thats like a mid 12 second Supra, haha! Slow! It seems really cool to the guys who think Supras are crazy fast, even stock, and that 400whp is a lot for them.

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I assure you I'm well into the 11's. LOL.


I ran 12.0 with all the bolt ons/slicks/bottle. I just recently got H/C/I work done LOL.


I dunno how on-par you are with knowledge of LS1 F-bodies but you're more than welcome to ask Rob..or go venturing through LS1 tech to see what heavily cammed/headwork/intake LS1 F-cars are running in the quarter. Especially on slicks.

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