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RESOLVED: Classifieds Rules - VOTE!

Classifieds Rules  

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  1. 1. Should there be a 50 post count minimum in the classifieds?

    • Yes
    • No

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In response to some complaints in the classifieds:


If you think the rule should stay, vote yes, if not vote no. Easy as that, no arguing necessary.


As for now, threads not meeting the requirements will be deleted.

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i believe that there should be at least some kind of required number of posts before a classified post. its great and all that people want to join and post, but honestly, 90% of the people that try to sell something on here dont, and then they never come back to the site again. Its a waste of time and cyberspace. hondaforums is a discussion site. thats what we do here. If you want to sell something, go to craigslist unless youre a regular trusted member.


Well, thats just my opinion.


Oh, and they have to be legit posts, not just one word posts in topics older than 3 months.

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Yes, but I think it needs tweaked a bit. Like any account with less than 50 posts cannot start a new thread in the classified section. I'm sure there is a way of enabling a restriction like this on here. If not, then they simply can't even see the classifieds section until they hit their 50th post.

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