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Hope someone can help. Its been awhile since I used the program. I have Paint shop pro 9. I can get another program if needed. Well to get on the topic Im a Artist and scan alot of my art to edit but my problem is getting a straight/curve lines without it looking all pixelated seen here in one of my drawings (ex:Scanned and then out lined in MS Paint) I use MS paint for my outlines only. That way I can use the Wand tool and highlight my outline and not the rest of the pencil shades. If here there a better way of doing it, please let me know. Thanks for the help.






Something I just did to give a Idea.



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Key to making curved lines is blurring them. Hit up google and look at some other line art that people have done and take a zoomed in look at the lines. You should notice that they are not just pixels of black, but black and about 50 shades of gray all the way down. This gives curves at more rounded look as it tricks the brain. Better graphics programs will allow you to line your scanned images and will apply this shading automatically when you line them in so that your curved lines will appear curved and not a jagged row of pixels.

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dont go downloading that GIMP program, stick with photoshop cos its the best out there. To get rid of your jagged lines, dont blur them, thats just stupid, higher the resolution of your images to about 300dpi (72dpi is screen resolution, and its naff) 150dpi is better, but just go to 300dpi to be safe, and if u wanna print it it'll look great. scan your images in at 300dpi (or 150 if your using that) too for starters just so its the same size all the way through the process.

with the images that you are creating, these could be created with Adobe Illustrator instead, and would look a lot smarter. Illustrator creates Vector images (instead of pixel images), vector images are mathematically decribed, so with these, you can zoom in as close as you like on a curved line at it will always look smooth. So with this, you can blow up images as big as a building and the lines will still be smooth and not blurred and horrible (think the look of a poor quality jpg image that has been blown up). I very much recommend that you get a copy of the program and follow some tutorials on the net. it takes a little bit of getting used to, its fairly similar to photoshop. need any help with it gimme a shout.


also the best thing about this program is that you dont need to spend ages tracing the lines, its got something called quickdraw or something that traces the lines for you!

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