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Mini photoshoot


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Do you know what camera it is or the price? Why make a comment like that. I wasnt asking you. No offense taken.


My yorkie cost $3,500. I'm sure I could get his camera. The reason I asked is cuz my step dad works for the press and covers boxing he wants me to get my credentials and a camera so I can get into the field since I live in Vegas.

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So do you show this dog? probably not.... so who the hell cares? Shoulda just got her a run of the mill yorkie, and told her it costs that much. I assure you that she wouldn't know the difference.


If it didn't win the Eukanuba Dog show for 2 years straight, its not worth 3500.


back to the topic, before this gets locked.....

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When Pino does a burn-out he leaves rubber deposits bigger then that mutt.


Your photography skillz are mad l33t yo! I don't have the skills or the money for the proper equipment to do anything half that nice.

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so for all that equipment and such, what is the general bill to someone for a custom photoshoot? Just as a ballpark.

Anyway from $50-$150 or more

All depends


I don't really ever charge for shooting cars though unless I dont know the person


Thanks. Now I can let my step dad pick it out for me or something close to it. I'll hold of asking for the lens I think he has one for me. Great pics keep it up.

Do you know anything about photography?

If not, why drop so much on a camera you know nothing about


Get a Canon XTi


First picture is awesome Chris! When are you taking some of mine? I don't feel like doing it, haha!

Whenever I see your ass!

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