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2007 Honda Fit Problem

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Hey there everyone, I'm new here, and have a question that someone here might be able to answer :)


I have a 2007 Honda Fit Sport Edition, with about 20,000 miles on it. The check engine light came on around the beginning of the year, and we took it into the Honda dealership here. They "fixed" the problem (along with an oil change), and we drove home. The next day, the check engine light came back on. The next time we took it in for service, which was the week before last, we told them about the problem once again (in addition to another oil change, and a tire rotation) and they "fixed" it. When we came back to the dealership to pick the car up, we were told it was a leak in the fuel system. They reset the computer twice, and told us that the problem was fixed and the light should not come on again.


About ten minutes down the road, the digital display starts flashing "check fuel cap." We stop, and the fuel cap is on securely. I press the button, and the warning goes away. A few days later, the check engine light comes back on.


I just want to know what the exact problem is with the fuel system (if that is the actual problem) and how it can be fixed.


Thanks in advance,



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air getting in somehow maybe?


If this is continuously happening and you have taken it to the dealer many times, consider lemoning it! that's what I would think of doing...


And, this car is new production so there might be a recall on it...

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Wow that is weird just today, I got gas went down the road stopped at the store and next thing I knew my check engine light was on. I hope I don't have a bunch of issues. Did the dealer take care of you r problem for free?


This thread is old.


If your gas cap isn't on all the way (has to be at least 3 "clicks") then you'll get a CEL.

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