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What's Goin' on with my car....

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Well....B16 Trans is in today, along with an oil change (finally get that PWJDM Magnetic Drain Plug in there), and some exhaust tweaking to fix the minor leak coming out after the cat.


I ordered my upper power steering pump bracket yesterday for $25, so that's coming and i'll finally be able to turn in comfort. No PS + No Manual Rack = FTMFL.


As for no vtec, I may need a new pressure switch or entire solenoid, but we shall see about that. That's next weeks' project.


I'm going to get tuned in 2 weeks again, so the valve cover will be cut to just expose the cam gears for tuning.


Eventually I'm ordering a Vibrant Axle-back exhaust to mount up to my new intermediate pipe that I put on a week ago. Pretty much looks like the RS*R tip, so real clean indeed.


But after that i'm going to take a break from performance and focus on exterior modification.




My sub is fixed so my audio set-up is good for now, except i'm going to finally put the 12V wire through the firewall instead of along the door jam lol (did that 3 years ago).


As for exterior mods....


-My '92 Front Bumper will be painted very soon, as well as the new PS Fender to replace the dented one...


-A CF Type-R Front Lip will be ordered




-My new sunroof will be installed (current one is cracked)


Suspension overhall-->


-Function & Form Coilovers


-24 levels of dampening adjustable.

-0 to 120mm adjustable ride height. Adjustable at the spring perch, and shock body.

-6061 Aluminum construction with T6 for added strength.

-Forged and anodized for a superior long lasting finish.

-Adjustable for both compression and rebound.

-Mono-tube design.

-Ideal for ultimate street performance.

-6k thru 13k spring rates available at NO CHARGE (higher spring rates available at additional charge)

-1 year manufacturer warranty and fully rebuildable




-Function & Form Rear LCA's




-EM Racing Rear Strut Bar and Rear Lower Tie Bar (no pic)




-Cusco Front Strut Bar (no pic)

-Rear Washer Trick

-Omni-power Front Camber Kit

-Hopefully Energy Suspension Bushing Kit


AAAAAAAAAAAnd finally....wheels.


Rota JMAG or OZ Superturismo WRC...can't decide (both in 16")






OZ Superturismo WRC




Anywho...that should wrap up my summer plans, i'll post pics when I can, but I dont have my mac for a while so it won't be easy...sorry.



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are you getting codes dan? which ones? why are you wasting money getting your car tuned my man? i already told you without higher compression pistons , your wasting your time. you dont even have cams in it yet do you? just stock LS bottom with a vtec head dont you have? anyways , waste your money if you wish but , it is a waste.

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no codes unless i drive for about 30 minutes then one pops up....but that only happens once in a while.


I have a girl parting out her Civic Si ('99) and she said she'd sell me her P30 pistons/rings for $100, so if I can pick them up I'll then get it tuned.


I need this idle fixed, and I don't understand why it just wants to turn off the first 25 minutes of driving. At stop lights i have to left foot brake and keep some pressure on the throttle to keep the damn car on...i tried pulling the throttle cable but that's not doing it...still drops down to 200 rpms or turns off when coming to a stop.


As for camshafts, i have Rob's old JDM B18C camshafts....ohhhhsnap (not)

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i wish getting tuned was so quickly done for my damn car. i gotta wait forever. today i called again, next available date from today would be the 16th of july. dang yo.

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