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The project has been a learning experience for me. I know HOW to change my own oil, but I've never done it myself. And now here I am, swapping an engine. My backround with cars is minimal. I owned a 1987 Accord and sold it once the head gasket blew. Then I bought an 1988 subaru Loyale Wagon, sold that once I got bored with it, essentially. Now I drive this 1994 Civic EX Coupe and I absolutely love it. Driving it is a blast, and it puts a smile on my face every day.


I started to notice a slight knock and looked more into it -- sure enough it was a spun bearing or a rod knock. I made arrangements to get my swap in line and continued to drive it. The day it blew up I was on my way to work, about three minutes from my house. I sort of went, "Oh damn" and started it back up and amazingly it drove home.


A couple of days later my friends towed it to their place about 30 minutes away in the nearby town, we would be able to do the swap pretty comfortably there.


They started to work on it for me while I was visiting my brother with cancer, I seriously have some of the best friends ever. They claim to enjoy the work a lot, so it's a bonus for everyone. I made the decision to ditch air conditioning, power steering and cruise control. So once we had the engine out, all of those components were removed.


Now, let me tell you about the engine bay. Holy crap was it dirty since the day I bought the car. NEVER before have I seen an engine bay with this much grime and dirt in it -- holy cow. With the Z6 out, work began to make that bay shine again. It's no gem now, but man at least it looks a hundred times better now.


I finally recieved my money for the engine and miscellaneous stuff to go with it. I decided on a JDM B16A with a Helical type LSD from www.hmotorsonline.com. I'll be replacing the timing belt, water pump, cam seals, and thermostat with OEM Honda parts.


The clutch will upgraded to a Stage One Exedy performance clutch with a seven and a-half pound Fidanza Flywheel. For stopping power I'm moving on to Brembo Blank rotors and Hawk HPS pads. For a sure spark I chose to go with NGK spark plugs and wires. The Plugs are the Iridium IX variety. Should be great upgrades while being relatively light on the wallet.


So far I'm into this swap for about $4,000, including the price of the engine with shipping. Pretty much right on budget for the most part.


Now the Eye goodies. :)


The car before:



The engine bay + old engine:



The D16Z6 out of the bay:



Dirty Engine bay:



Clean Engine Bay:



The new Engine:









Current Status:

Engine runs, just waiting on a throttle cable bracket and have to figure out how to loop my PS rack :p


I'll continue to edit this first post to go with the progress. I'm going to clean up most of my posts on this thread so far as they are all conglomerated here now.

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you suck its already in the high 90's over here and gets to over 110 in a few weeks. and honda ac's blow, just not cold enough...


are you just doing anything special like turbo or crazy n/a or just the swap and brakes?

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wondering the same. either way, seems like a cool project. looks like everyone is in the buildup mood :D


You ain't kidding. I'm hoping the stuff I ordered gets me mid to lowish 12's with a tune. I think it should.

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Well I ordered an Exedy Stage One clutch. Either going to get the stock flywheel resurfaced, or order a Fidanza 7.5lb if funds provide.


Today I did some more cleanup and removal of Power steering and AC components -- that pretty much wraps that up.


All I have left to do before putting the B series in is get the Cruise control box out and then clean the SH!T out of that engine bay. B16A should be in Friday or Monday and then it'll be dropped in immediately and hopefully fired up same day.


Few pics for ya guys.


After PS and AC removal stuff.


Another full shot.


"Leakdown Test" on a DSM block that we just swapped (It failed)

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DAMN! That looks so good man. I got a little depressed when I opened this thread though because I'm doing a swap on my civic and I realized that I probably should do this too....sigh.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. The swap should go in smoothly *crosses fingers*


Then I'll be Rollin' in style with JDMB16A SiR II love! :D


SamLach, what I did was strip almost everything out, cover the heater hose and charcoal box... and cat/exhaust that was hanging on the ground :p With plastic bag.


Then I took this degreaser in a spray bottle and went to town. Every nook and cranny. I let it sit for about five minutes then took a pressure washer with the DELICATE nozzle and made huge sweeping motions. Make smaller (but don't hold it still, it could wtfpwn your paint) motions for areas that are tough. That will easily take off all the grease and grime. I did that about 4-5 times letting the degreaser soak for a few minutes.


Shoot me a PM if you need anymore help :)

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Thanks for the tips! I'll probably send you a PM one of these days when I start to work on the swap. But yeah dude, clean as hell. That engine is going to look great man :D Paint the valve cover white o.o

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You need to do something about that steering rack, you cant just leave it open like that. Loop the lines and keep it closed or loop them and add a breather up top so it can relieve extra pressure when you steer and you can add the steering fluid it needs. The rack will be running low on fluid but that all it needs since it is not being pumped in anymore.

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I don't have the time to do a full wire tuck. I'm gonna try to do a good job of hiding things, but a full tuck is pretty far out of the question.


I've been without a car for two weeks now! Far too long :( Still another week or so to go, too. :(

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