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Hey Allz, new to the forum...not new to cars but new to Hondas. I don't have a Honda, so why am I here? Well, it's to learn about the import community as a whole and what you guys and gals put into it. I have a Blackberry 2000 Saturn SL1 with a SPS billet Strut bar, AEM Intake, 8mm wires, EBC to stop, 16in Katanas(throwbacks, soon to be some 17's), custom mesh grille, red-out tails, whaite faces and a DT muffler...and other little odds and ends. Soon to come is big bore throttle body, full exhaust, tint, drop and rear disc conversion. Since its a SOHC, most I can do is juice, which will come later in the summer. Engine swap is planned once I get another ride, hopefully soon. I do have a bodykit sitting in the garage that I will soon fit and paint.


Glad to be here and I want to learn all I can. By the way, I have a website: www.gyrlspeedracingteam.com check it out, get something, learn something.



Andreana 8)

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Welcome, what part of Philly? Near any "landmarks"?

Thanks for the welcomes...I'm in Mt. Airy, but not far from Lincoln Drive/Kelly Drive...Can get to Center City in about 20-25 minutes...I see you're in WC, my brother moved up there a little while aog.

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