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I just want to start off by saying hello to all. Im 28 yrs old and getting ready to graduate from the universal tech. institute in houston for automotive Tech. I just purchased a 92 teg. it has some basic mods already on it. headers intake and exhaust. sitting on 18s n a body kit with some slight suspesion work. Luv Hondas/Acuras wont buy anything else. But i do need a little help as i am quite familiar with the civics i lack in the teg side. I believe that the early 92 teg come with the Non vtec dohc b18 which is obd1 i know that i immediately want to do a vtec swap although i am not familiar with this either If any 1 can help me with this like what i need and which of the many vtec heads to mate with. any info will be appreciated. thanx any glad 2 be with u guyz

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Welcome to HF.


You have an OBD-1 B18A1 btw.


I have a 1990 DA9 (OBD-0) and i'm doing lsvtec....which is a little more complicated than a staight swap...hell i had to do an AT-MT conversion before i could even get to the engine.


A B16, B17, or B18 vtec head will mate with your LS block.


I chose a B18C1 head because I came across one that was MINT.


What you'll need for lsvtec:

Complete VTEC head (intake manifold, distributer, valve cover, all gaskets and seals, vtec solenoid, etc..)

VTEC conversion kit (oil line and 4 fittings, 2 for the head, 2 for the block)

-->Golden Eagle makes a very expensive one, about $340. Mine was $80

2 dowel holes drilled in head, one hole plugged

P28, P72, P61, or P30 OBD-1 ECU

vtec cam gears, timing belt, water pump, tensioner

-you must use a B18 timing belt, also if you use vtec cam gears, you must use vtec timing belt (more teeth than LS)

190 lph or 255 lph fuel pump ( i got a walbro 255 for $110)

ARP Rod Bolts, head bolts, acl main bearings

LS head gasket

vtec knock sensor

vtec oil pump

adjustable FPR w/ gauge

reuse your LS 240 CC injecters or upgrade



i'm probably forgetting stuff.....but you get the point.

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How do you guys know he doesn't have the DOHC VTEC B17? He never said what trim of Integra he had. You're probably right, but you never know....he could be rolling a GSR.


Actually it sounds like he doesn't have the car yet, in which case I think he should find a rare 92-93 Integra GSR and build that.

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you could also just swap in a gsr motor. i mean it is an integra, the motor will just slide right in, plug it up and have fun.





im with him on this one a gsr swap would be ur best bet scence ur new to the integra it take more to do the ls/vtec but any way u go u will make good hp

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That's because he's assuming he doesn't have VTEC. I agree that you guys are probably right, but he's not said anything for sure in his first post. Just saying, he might want to list his trim level because it would be really dumb to pull a B17 and swap in a B18C1.

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i appreciate all the feed bak Ive purchased the teg test drove looked over real quick but not really in depth as i was pressed for time. the vehicle is being aligned and the front clip bak on. The previous owner just replace the eng. and the tranny it is def. a 1.8 and i'm pretty sure that it is a gs i would like to just swap a c1 in but dont have the funs and assumed the frank would be easier. Ive been a civic 4 a long time n swapped many gsr n 16s but ive never had a teg n dont know to much bout the other engines. I guess the main ? is this on a ratio saving the funds and swapping a c1 which is easier but less of a hassle or is the frank cheaper but harder to do which would u guys choose I know how to swap the the whole power plant just not the frank and Keep in mind i"m a full time student 4 the next 6 weeks (thats all I have Left YEA!!!) so funds r kind of low. But anyway any advice will be helpful!!!




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