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pics of my del


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pic of where we cut the fuel line to put the crush fitting on





hondata kpro


omni lower control arms & dc lower tie bar


shifter looks factory



heres a few pics , they look kinda crappy i'll take more when the sun goes down,

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its a catch can for the radiator, kinda funny how that worked it self out , i was standing there finishing off a powerade & we were finishing up all the little stuff & my friend said we need to make a mount for your catch can i said hold on grabed the drill put a hole on the top, put the line in the bottle sat it behind the intake in a littel hole there , and it works perfect. ( thats probaly the most custom part of my car ) LOL..

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Mods like that gatorade bottle are great. My friend took the rear windshield washer fluid squirter and rerouted it to the front of his hood so he can shoot water at cars in front of him. We call it the spitting cobra.


That is a sweet setup. i-VTEC. So very nice.

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