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the day has finally come, well almost


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well after alot of contemplating, my setup is finally on its way(everything is ordered gonna be here friday)


93 civic dx 4dr:

jdm d16a(sohc zc vtec) obd2 version

zc trans

skunk2 intake manifold

act clutch

act 12lb flywheel

energy suspension poly motor mounts

energy suspension poly trans bushings


already on the car:

dc 4-2-1 2pc header

apexi n1 catback

high-flow cat

short shifter

random short ram intake

upper front strut tower bar

eibach sportline springs


future plans that are in the process:

turbo'd with a 1st gen eclipse turbocharger(have the turbo already, just need the rest of the parts)

set of rota slips

rear disc conversion

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actually everyone i talked to said get the heavier performance flywheel, they had the 7-8lbs but its still my daily driver, and i kept hearing that the heavier ones are a little better for street, and being that the motor is already out of the car, figured id take care of everything while its out and easy to get to

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12 lbs are better for drag.


lighter: drag

heavier: street



so ur tellin me ur 12lbs flywheel is better then my 7.5lbs flywheel for drag racing??????????

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update: as of now(monday morning) the old motor is pulled, and put into another 4dr, new motor has not come yet, everything is all ready to be put in, motor should be here by 4pm, then another long night of swapping, should be done and running late tonight, will have pics and another update come prolly tues or wed

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well she's done, everythings in, couple bugs but other than that its great, i love it already, and SSR i dont know what you were talkin about the axles about cause they went in and work fine, its late now but will have pics up prolly tomorrow night sometime after work

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ok, so heres a couple pics i took today at work with it all said and done


the swapped motor with all the fixins



my car and my buddys ls hatch




the rest of the guys i work with minus a 95 eclipse gs-t(my manager)



lemme know what you think

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