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parts for my s2k


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i just bought a 03 s2k and have to wait about 10-14 days for it to get here and im very anxious to drive it but thats not the point. i wnat to know if there is anyone out there that can lead me in the right direction to buy parts at a good price if possible and what would be the best i was thinkin of HKS or BLITZ.........let me know thanx


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Go to www.lovefab.com. That and a custom single 3" exhaust is all you need.


Seriously though, if you plan to do just n/a bolt on mods, then be careful. The S2000 is built so specifically great from the factory that a lot of aftermarket parts will make the car lose horsepower. For intakes you might check Spoon (if you can afford it) or ARC is the other good company I think. For exhaust, Skunk 2 sounds really good on the S. I wouldn't even mess with the header. The stock header flows really well on the S2000 and unless you spend a grand on a header, you probably will see a loss in hp. That's everything I know, but I would just go to either www.lovefab.com or www.ultimate-racing.com

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