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so yesterday

me and my "girl" decided to stop talkin/seein each other/chillin

this really bummed me out but w/e

it was the best..i have skool..work...she has skool..and her parents are stricked as fawk

but to top it off

i sold my hatch today :( that is what really bummed me out...lolz

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me and her broke up once already

and this time..i made it sure that i dont wanna talk 2 her again


im actually looking foward to buying a 2003 G35 2 door coupe

if all fails

ill just buy a stock hatchback thats for sale over here for 800$

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hey bro sorry to hear....yea me n my gurl split up...but it was because the two of us need time apart from each other...so i know what your going through bro...but don't push her if you end up wanting to get back with her dont go on and on, cause your just going to push her further away....but if you say its for good...well then good for you, maybe it just wasnt ment to be bro.


BTW the G35 coupe is awsome....an 01 integra with a G35 tail light conversion. looked hella nice bro...but yea make sure you get a nice ass color like white black or even red.....tha silver is a lil played out

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heres a story

i sold the car tuesday september 13th at around 10pm

i get a call around 5pm today (september 15th) at around 5pm

what news do i get....the kid hit a pole and basically totaled the car

now that makes me feel even better..considering how much i loved that car

i was even considering buying it back from the kid :(

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