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What's a good image hosting site, I'll try and put the pic in my avatar or sig for now, but I haven't set up a host. I downloaded my other pics to a friends site, but haven't got the password or username.


By the way, keep in mind, this is the first actual tattoo I have given...all other were on honeydew melon and oranges. I was so scared, I was shaking...I didn't want to fawk up my cousins arm and did it completely free hand. It doesn't look great in the picture I took, but I am no photographer and couldn't figure out the flash feature. So, in advance, my bad!


I doubt I could support a pic thread, I had the hardest time getting her to agree and we are freakin cousins...I doubt I'll have a lot of practice anytime soon. However, I'm supposed to start an apprenticeship at the Great Divide in Ruston...doing someone else's' job and getting paid with experience.


Yeah, I definitely can't upload the pic onto my avatar...sorry

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should I use URL, HTML or BB?




Well! Nevermind, looks like I got it


Oh yeah, like I said, it's our family crest...a bird of paradise. It looks really good when she leaves her arm at her side, but because it's like at the back of her pit (god knows why she wanted it there) it distorts when she moves her arm and it starts looking really stretched out and retarted.

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