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My first one was Digital Bath by deftones

the other was Korn


you know I looked at kornkids.com and was surprised. They had lyrics to Jonathon Davis' songs, though he has never released any.....ever. These kids took his CD's and removed all the instrumentals, leaving only his voice. Then deciphered his lyrics through hours of tribulation. Anyways.....I read most of them and his songs actually make a lot of sense and are very deep, in fact his main problem is that they may be too deep. I have a newfound respect for that man.


For example, the song PRETTY. In the song he's saying, "I see you're pretty face smashed against the bathroom floor...what a disgrace who do I feel sorry for" Well I gotta admit I thought he was talking about being violent with someone, perhaps beating the crap out of his girlfriend or just something stupid. Well come to find out that one day when John was working as a coroner's assistant, they brought in an 11 month old baby girl. He described her as being beautiful, as any child would be, however her father had raped her. Imagine what he felt when he saw this little baby girl with her legs broken behind her back. He said she looked like a doll that had been just torn apart. Well the police report said that she had been found on the bathroom floor, just cast aside like a meaningless object when he had finished with her. So John, traumatized by what he had seen began having horrible nightmares about that little girl, he must have taken it pretty hard cause he described them as being increasingly frequent. So he began doing things to rid himself of her memory and thus started using heavy drugs. It affected him so deeply because he had seen the most innocent creation destroyed for god knows what reason, to think that someone could do that to their own child ate him up inside and made him question god's motives and the moral fiber of our nation. So in a last, desperate attempt to rid himself of her he decided to write a song that would stand as a personal monument to that baby girl.


Oh and the second part to that line....who do I feel sorry for. Well he was confused as to who deserves pity. The baby girl, her father, or himself.

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By rap rock do you mean that John started rapping, cause he only really did that in ALL IN THE FAMILY, at least I think that was the only one he did it in I still haven't heard Issues. If you mean rap rock by the fact that they started adding synthesized instrumentals then yeah they did a lot of that in the end, the bass is crazy on some of their songs and no drum can produce notes that low.


I hate limp bizkit. Everything would have been a lot better if Durst and Fieldy had been killed and then Korn would have picked up Wes somehow.

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