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should i go for the cda7892 or the cda7894?


xx92 just regular cd playin capabilities

xx94 has mp3/cd playin capabilities


and no, i'm not going to another brand due to the fact this one girl had an alpine in her civic, and i loved the sound...thx surround sound hearing feel...thing going on. sell my gay xplod cd player, gay sony...they should just make playstations for celebrities' cars >:T .

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it all depends on you man, as for me...i dont need mp3 players. id just get the xx92, thats good enough for me. i have a alpine too but its a cda 7862 and the performance is amazing...the appearance of alpine rocks. just make sure you get the model with a remote...if you manually press on buttons daily...they'll get stuck. thats just about the only flaw of alpine

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Well, I am going to say Yes to the mp3 one. It doesn't hurt to have a player that supports it.

If you rip your own CD's to mp3 and you do it right, the sound can be very good. The crap you download from the Internet has horrible sound quality. This way you can put like 100 songs onto 1 CD also, so it's almost like having a 10 disc changer. :p

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Definately go with the mp3 player... If you download right(I use IRC only, those guys know how to rip them there) and make sure you get 160 bit rate you have nothing to worry about

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