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Tower of Terror

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Well, cast previews were last week and I thought I'd just spread the news (if you haven't seen the media blitz on it already) that Tower of Terror is coming to the west coast, May 5th! Fun ride...different from the one in Florida, but overall one of the best attractions from the Disneyland Resort since Indiana Jones. Get your fastpasses early and check it out!


It'll be an interesting summer for SoCal theme parks since the west coast version of Mummy:The Ride is opening up at Universal and SeaWorld is getting their version of Journey to Atlantis. Knott's is getting a new coaster called Silver Bullet, even Legoland added a new coaster . And where is Magic Mountain in this theme park war? No where...just killing off their employees like always...

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The one in Florida, has one library (the place where you watch the TV and see Rod Serling talk about what happened at the hotel), you load in the boiler room which contains I believe 3 loading shafts. Once in the elevator, it goes up the doors open and you see the hallway with the ghosts. At the end of the hall is a window, which shatters. The doors close and it goes up again. You move forward and travel through the 5th dimension. Then you enter one of two drop shafts and begin the drop sequence. After that, you travel through the basement and exit the ride.


The one in California has two libraries. It's boiler room is 2 stories and contains 3 shafts, so there is 6 load positions. Once in the elevator, it moves away from the elevator doors then moves up, the doors open you see the mirror room. From here, the doors close and depending on which elevator shaft you are in you move up or down. When the doors open, you see the hallway with the ghosts. Instead of the shattering window at the end of the hall, there is an elevator with the ghosts inside it. You see the ghosts in the elevator fall out of sight. At which point, the drop sequence begins. After that, your elevator returns back to the original load area, moves forward toward the elevator doors and you exit the ride.


Other than a different ride experience, there's also minute stuff. Like the accompanying soundtrack/sound effects during the drop sequence in California. Or that the one in California is not as tall, but drops 40' below the ground to get the full 13 stories that Florida has. There's a couple ride videos out there of both attractions. They take a while to download tho. If you want I can post some links to both videos...

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