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Help a good friend of mine please

Hatch Addict II

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My friend is a new onwer of a Z06 and he is in this contest to see who can get the most referrals to a corvette forum, if he wins he gets:


A $200 Gift Certificate to Vette Essentials has. been added to the list of prizes for the 2004 Membership Drive.




This is one of the prizes that will be given away to some of our lucky members at midnight, May 17th, when the 2004 Membership Drive ends.


All prizes will be awarded based on the number of referrals you have at the end of the drive. The Grand Prize will be a free 3-day Bragg-Smith Z06 Experience at the Bragg-Smith Racing School.








Thanks in advance.


If you do not want to help please do not leave negative feedback

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sounds good, but unfortunately links to other forums aren't allowed unless you set up with drew for advertising... so i have to remove the links... but if anyone's interested in helping this guy's friend out, please PM him.

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that cool, i wasnt trying to advertise for the site, i only registered on it to help my friend, never been there since and never posted.


thanks anyway

it's the rules of the forum... but anyone who's interested in helping out can pm you for the info.

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