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you personally like what? slalom? im sorry, what does that word mean?


well, if you'd like to modify your car, you can either go "all show and no go" or "all go and no show" or......."all show and go" so which one are you striving for? "all show" meaning just the looks of your car and you do not care about engine modifications. "all go" is just about engine upgrades..


depends on what you like and what your budget is. there are a lot of goodies for hondas but since your car is a 89, im not sure if there is much for your car but im sure there are parts. ive seen a 89 accord run 14.2 sec in the 1/4 mile! :o thats pretty quick for a 89 accord 4 banger!!

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oh sh*t, i know that guy!! ahahah i gotta tell him to join this site! he has a TL and an accord :D he's in the process of gettin some wheels for his TL but yeah...i need to go bug him and tell him about this forum :D


oh and by the way racerevit, talk to mike about your accord, he's got it hooked up. he has a nice sound system in it too!

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