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fawk that...get wasted. thats what prom night is for! the actual prom at my school usually sucks (i've never been...ever since i've gone to my school thats been the general consensus of all the juniors and seniors that waste their money on tickets, tux, etc) but the parties afterwards are what you have to hit.


last year on my prom night i went to a party for everybody i work with though. i didn't hear of any good high school parties, so might as well go to the college ones right? thats the good thing about working with a bunch of college kids.

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this thread is worthless without pics! :p


but seriously, did you have a good time? I went to two senior proms(my own and also a friend's) and both were with friends. the girl I'm seeing now had to drop out of school, so we can't go to her prom. so I basically missed out on a meaningful prom.


enough of my rambling. hope you had a good time and such. post pics.

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