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Exhaust Systems


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i'm new here and to the whole crx experiance, and i'm lovin every minute of it! :heart:


its a standard VTi and i'm wantin a stainless exhaust on it so my baby can breath more easily. at the moment there is a cat on it which i want OFF.


what are the best systems to go for? i don't want to replace the manifold just yet.


please help :thumbsup:

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More power please, it sounding good is a bonus-but i'm no wantin it to sound bad.


i was thinkin of changing the manifold too-what kind of price does a hks cost?i heard they were the best but very very pricey?


i've been lookin at AROSPEED, but don't know if they are any good- what do u think?

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arospeed sucks. hks (from my research) is usually around $100 more (than the more popular exhausts)depending on the exhaust system.


the two most popular exhausts are greddy evo, and apexi n1. i'm looking at the apexi n1, but tanabe's racing medallion is also peaking my interest.

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