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newbie on the block


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Hey what's up!


I'm 23 years old and new to the whole import car thing. (My last car was a 97 Ford Taurus.....Ouch!)

Now that I have my engineering degree, a little money, and some free time, I'm hoping to turn my RSX Type S into a fairly decent performer


first step: decent radar detector......after that, who knows?:devil:

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Welcome to HF newbie.


I love it when Domestic owners get converted to the other side.:devil:


Seeing that you have a type S I would recommend that you stay away from modifying the motor until your warranty runs out. K series engines are quick so that should keep you entertained for a while. Not to mention you have 6 gears to rip through right.

Stick to the basic mods first and keep your stock parts for a while. If a problem occurs with modifying the vehicle you could reinstall the factory parts, so the dealership can't give you a hard time and try to void your warranty.

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