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Ok so im having a few issues with my 95 ex accord, when im driving i keep hearing a clicking on the inside of the car that sounds like it coming from the passenger side and my battery light flashes and my gauges will drop for a second and go back to normal and the radio will turn of and come back on, something similar happend to one of my old accords and it was the ignition switch, but i replaced it on this one and still having the problems, my next guess was maybe main relay? Idk if anyone has any input i would greatly appreciate it, thanks

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5th Generation EX Accord is best description, 1995.

It is very inexpensive to attempt any number of search engine queries for typical 5th Gen honda 
electrical relay problems, very likely a faulty relay, but they exist both inside engine compartment,
and under dashboard; inexpensive to replace, just start replacing everything to see if it helps 😉

Search for typical 5th gen electrical problems, typical relay problems, typical electrical problems.

Most parts retailers will allow you to return parts you don't need, if you exchange them for other 
parts. Or you can start with known problem electrical parts, cheapest first 😉

Your car may be too old to do much with scanning software but my 2004 EX Accord will 
usually tell me on my iphone what is wrong; with the right app installed. Once I fixed the air conditioning on an EX with a $12 relay in the engine compartment; known problem/fix for that generation car.

Also, you don't mention if it's a 4 cyl or 6 cyl car? When I talk to others about my EX, it's a 4 cyl 2004 Seventh Gen Honda Accord EX/Leather, which means it has a very specific electrical layout for that engine and feature set, including the stereo, heated seats, etc.

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Needs to declare 4 or 6 cyl engine car (Honda Accord EX)
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