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Stock 2004 Accord Sedan Engine mod


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Hey guys, I am needing some help.  I have gotten my hands on my parents 2004 Accord with the 4 cylinder.  I am looking for guidance on engine mod.  Particularly turbo I guess, or super.  I want to discuss that.  I am not looking for a lot of power.  Not going to be racing but I need more power out on the interstate.  So, I need help understanding what my options are really.  I am not looking to change a whole lot on the car as I like it.  I am just used to 350+ hp.  Camaro, corvette, Tundra, BMW 335 with the N54 engine and not the N55.(BIG single turbo.)

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Interesting conversation; I would say you already have one of the best engines of all time (VTEC), and you might want to consider electric pretty soon.

If I were you I would not touch it, the beauty of the car is it never breaks and takes little maint, so just drive it like it's never going to die and rev it as hard as it will go.

The transmission might not like a lot more power, and also you can probably tune it to be a little more powerful, like tweek the computer, change the plugs, go with new type of oil, stuff like that?

I have one, I feel like it's a member of the fam, had it since new and its still drives like a new car. Great stereo in there, it's the full EX/NAV/Leather and it's a sweet car Just the way it is. I put better discs and breaks on it; I was more concerned with warped rotors and stuff like that. It stops way better now. If you drive something like an Audi A4, very similar ride and much faster, and also stops faster than the Honda... just saying, you may want a different car that has a turbo already. They are not expensive.


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