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2003 Accord automatic transmission problems


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I have a 2003 Accord LX w/2.4L 4cyl automatic transmission w/308k miles. It recently started to up shift roughly. It got worse to the point where it would disengage then engage again. I stopped and checked the fluid level, it was correct and did not seem burnt or discolored. After restarting the engine the transmission worked fine for about 10 minutes then the up shifts got rough and it began to disengage and engage. I then stopped and shut the engine off and then started it immediately and the trans worked fine for about 7 minutes when it began the save behavior as before.

I read the ODBII codes with a basic ODBII reader and there were no codes and I had no dash warnings at all. I've read a lot of posts regarding transmission solenoid issues but none of the symptoms are the same as what I'm experiencing. The fact that the transmission works fine for a period of time after cycling the engine leads me to believe it's a control module problem or possibly a fluid clog or starvation?

Thanks for any help with this.

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My 2.4 EX 2004 automatic was shifting strange because the wiring harness was eaten a bit by rats; so if you can get it fixed, I paid $200 to have the wiring harness fixed.

It was totally worth it because the car is great otherwise, and the solenoid that controls shift was not connected without those wires. No actual problem with transmission; just the wires for it.

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