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What Toys Have Come And Gone


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since this place actually had people 6 years ago?


evo in my sig has been long gone.


1976 Yamaha XS650 hardtail bobber i built



2008 Suzuki LTR450



2008 Kawasaki kx450F - Stolen



2007 Suzuki GSXR600 - Slow and Sold to fund tranny for my current turd



2009 Kawasaki KFX450R - Fully Walsh built, roughly 15k invested



Current Daily 2006 ram 2500 5.9 Cummins

First day bought



anddd how the money pit sits today



lots into the truck so far, hoping to put down 650/1300 this spring with twins and a bit of headwork.



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You can ask anyone i know, rolling coal and flipped up tow mirrors make me fukcing snap. Its like every kid now has a second gen and just wants to make it smoke. Im so glad can run EFIlive on my truck, found a good tuner out in Iowa who does mine and im putting down 525+/1100 with 50% over injectors and stock turbo with no smoke under WOT. just a bit of haze, which is what you want to see from a properly tuned diesel.

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fuk the house game, im selling mine lol..


finishing the 'house' above my GF's parents double stack garage and moving in there to help take care of them.. ill buy a house when i find out where TF im going to live lol

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ill have to take a picture of my new place lol..


just finished the hardwood in of the rooms, about to do hardwood in the other upstairs room, hallway, and stairs.. then we'll finish the downstairs (kitchen and first dining room is already done, still have to do second dining room and living room)


then its off to building the place above the double stack garage (garage is two port but 4 cars easily can fit inside, house has two port two car garage). has one big living area which will be the living room, two bedrooms with walk in closets, and a big bathroom in one room and one small bathroom in one of the other rooms. still have a lot to do though: insulation, electrical, plumbing, dry wall. it should be fun doing it because its all a learning experience :)

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in the area im looking, a bit out there but still within like 20-30 minutes from everything needed, im looking at 75k for 3 acres. id love to get that down to 10k an acre but id really have to get out into the boonies, and the lady wouldnt go for that.

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