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Well.... Hello there ya bunch of old crusty bastards lol


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got put in a new position at work and all i do is sit in a office all day so i now have time to get on here a BS



the wagon is changing since the last time i posted in here.. getting rid of the flush/hella flush sh!t and its time to have fun breaking parts..


also selling my house in CA, im probably going to be staying up here in WA so im going to look at buying a house out here with my VA loan, and with the spare monies from selling the house in CA ill be waiting on the 25 year law to impact a certain car so it can be shipped here to the US from Japan... fingers crossed.

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we should bring it back to life!! somehow :dry:


so i have a bit of news to share.. even though im really talking to myself lol..


got a K24A2 for the wagon and within the next year ill be purchasing a GTR :shifty:

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NICE! hawkeyes arent too bad.. the blob eye is definitely my favorite though.


cant wait to get this GTR though.. and no im not buying a new GTR, im not a fan.. ill be picking up a R32 in OEM TH1 (midnight blue) after my importer finds one in the condition i requested

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Where you located at now Brian?


We'll have to get together for some 90s Japanese car fun




Got that a couple years ago :D. Doing a large streetport and single turbo conversion right meow. Should be good for mid 400s at the wheel.


I'm working at Honda R&D in Brake Design. Currently working on the NSX.

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im stationed out in WA now at Ft Lewis..


been doing lots of work to the wagon since the weather has been nice








already pulled out the interior and sold it for $200 (front and back seats and carpet), now im getting it ready to pull out the D16A6 and part ways with the RT trans and whatever anyone else needs from it. time to start prepping it for the K24A2 :)


i'll be making some rail brackets hopefully this weekend for my Bride LowMax FRP buckets i got for it a while back




as for the GTR my importer is still hunting for a 91 MNB one, sad thing is i will have to wait until 2016 for it to be legal to ship here seeing that 91's wont be leagal until next year and the MNB only came in 91 :(


i have been sourcing parts for the GTR as well, a buddy of mine is a wheel importer and is hunting for some Nismo 400R LMGT1's for me and another friend i have owns a shop called DWSparts and is going to hook me up with some HKS goodies (HKS Hipermax Max IV SP Coilovers, HKS FMIC and piping, & HKS Hi-Power exhaust) and i will probably be buying some brides for the GTR from him as well..


but i am planning on doing a road trip in GTR from WA to the east coast and back.


i am always down for some sexy car meets :wink:

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this is my motivation :)


granted it is bayside blue and the R32 never came in bayside but everything that is done to this car visually i want to do to mine once i get it.. this thing is PERFECT!







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i didnt expect it to get any replies honestly lol


im glad a few of us oldies lurk around here though.. we need to get this sh!t booming again.. time to promote!! lol

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