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My First Honda


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Hello everyone, I've never drove a Honda before. I just bought this 1999 Honda Civic LX (Sedan).


He wanted $2,800. I got it for $2,400 cash.


Body has 200k miles.


Engine and transmission has been rebuilt 20k miles ago. He has a 94 Civic engine he bought (remanufactured I guess) from http://cncenginedynamics.com and he still has the receipts. He paid $1,700 for the motor.



'92-'95 4 CIVIC EX SOHC 16V VTEC(125 HP) 1.6L D16Z6 1590cc


Craigslist Ad:

I have a 1999 civic lx 4 door 5spd for sale 2800 obo..

If your looking for a car thats great on gas and perfect to travel in or get back and fourth to work then this is a good buy.

the car is in good running and working condition, the motor just been rebuilt along with the transmission and they both have less then 20k miles..( the motor is a 1.6 vtec )

it has a new clutch, new ac compressor, new belts , and new wipers. the inspection is good until 10/12.

The body of the car is in good shape for its year but not perfect,needs radio fuse, the hood needs some attention but its nothing to be concern about.

all the car needs is a balance and alinegment...

The A/C Blows cold air and with a new Honda motor you know it will run forever..


It has a few scratches here and there but all around, it's a good body with no dents/rust.






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i LOVE 4 door 96-00 civics, it looks good!


future plans?


welcome to the forums

No plans except maybe a new intake, this one has a dent in it. I'm new to Honda's and modding so I don't know what's out there until I do some research.
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