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Next upgrade to 95 Si?

Senior Sol

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I have a 95 del Sol Si, (D16z6).


It's been lightly modded with Eibach lowering springs, Toxico shocks, EBC brake pads, better rotors, (name escapes me), 15" aftermarket wheels, Michelin Pilots, AEM cold air intake, Dyno Turbomax muffler, 21/4 inch exhaust piping, VTEC strut bars, etc.


ECU has not been chipped, as I find doing so is only helpful in wide-open-throttle launches, which I don't do.


What's the next $500'ish performance improvement I can make? Specifically, would a High Flow CAT really help, or just make more noise? Don't want the car to sound like an angry weed-whacker.


Car is used as a weekend toy only..."spirited driving", but no track days.....that's what my GoKart is for!


Just wanna kick some Miata ass!


Thanks in advance, Senior Sol

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A header sounds like your next bet. A decent stainless name brand seems to be in your price range. With that you will have completed the Intake/Header/Exhaust trio to open up your airflow into and out of the engine.

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Similar setup on mine. Header quality is important. Knockoff brands made with mild steel will rust to shit pretty quickly on a regularly driven vehicle. I would recommend finding a stainless one. It will be a fair amount more expensive but will look much nicer and hold together for a lot longer.


High-flow cat is a preference for some, a legal issue for others. I have one on my my car but I don't drive it much. I feel kind of guilty having removed an important part of my emissions control system though. If you have emissions testing in your area you usually won't pass with the high-flow. If you find a dickhead policeman they can fine you for it in many states and cities.

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im going with previous stated.. header would be your best bet.. and if youd want just get a test pipe.. they're not super expensive and keep your old cat so if you have to do an emissions test just swap out the test pipe for your cat and BAM.. they dont make much hp difference but every little bit helps..


hell i was in california and i wasnt running and exhaust, i was running open downpipe.. im sure if i can get away with that then you could get away with a highflow or a test pipe.. if not that cop is just being a complete d!ck

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