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got a cv joint going out on my 91 honda crx i think its it cause when i bought the car it had a slight knocking noise everytimes i turn sharp now when i turn its wants to jerk left and right its scary dont want to drive it till i get it fixed. any one kno the going prices for a cv joint and installation at a shop.

if this is my problem if not tell me what might be thanks


crap might as well get alignment while im getting that done

need a good guess on how much it might run me before i take it to a shop

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I just did an axle, its like 70 bucks at autozone, and took me about an hour (and 2 beers)


So probably like 300 and an alignment here is about 100...


If it jerks left AND right, its both axles...

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do what raley said, change your axles and your problems should be fixed..


make sure you keep your old axles and the boxes though.. keep them for a bit then take them to autozone and swap your old ones for new ones since they have a life time warranty. that way you can either have a spare set on hand OR you can try to sell them

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