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2011 Honda Accord vs 2011 Honda CRV

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I have narrowed down my new car search to 2011 Honda Accord and 2011 Honda CRV.


Things I am looking at :


1) Good gas mileage ( Honda Accord probably wins this one)

2) Safety

3) Driving in snow (Minnesota gets lots of snow, so I need a car that drive well in snow) . I guess CRV wins this one, as it has 4WD.

4) Low maintaince cost ( I guess both cars have low maintaince)



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you dont need 4wd to drive in the snow, quit being a panzy! I drive mountain passes in a 1990 dodge dakota 2wd 3.9, i just throw some weight in it and call it a day, either that or I drive the sol (as long as snow isnt deeper than 4" on the road).


If you "NEED" 4wd to drive in the snow, you "NEED" to learn how to drive, period.

and before you give me the whole "you live in portland, what do you know?"


Realize ive lived in:

OR, WA, PA, NJ, NY, MA, IN, IL, VA, WV, NH, MN, and a bunch others further south, so yes.... I do know what winters are like out that way.

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Yes they are both good cars but different in features. Accord is a sedan car while CRV is an SUV.

They are both equally reliable, and have about the same amount of passenger space. They also cost about the same comparably equipped.

CRV pro's: more cargo space/flexibility, available AWD.

Accord pro's: better on gas, faster even with 4 cylinder, available V6, better ride/handling.


It depends on what you preferred. Hope this help you!

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