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Accessory noise


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Well guys it seems when I fix one problem another takes its place in less than a week!! I have a noise that sounds like a power steering whine when I get between 1200-1500 RPMs and it stops and restarts at around 3000 RPMs (except much higher pitched. Thing is: this is a non-power steering Del Sol. So therefore it has to be coming from either the alternator or water pump or air conditioning compressor (note: air conditioning was not on). No check engine light. I'd like your opinions on what you think it is.


Thanks guys!!

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I am aware that the AC compressor spins freely when the clutch isn't engaged. And yes it does make the noise while it is still. I opened the hood and blipped the throttle body myself. I just couldn't pinpoint exactly where it was coming from even with my ear to the accessories. But it's definitely coming from a belt-driven device... I'm positive on that.

I priced an alternator just in case. $130 for a remanufactured one. I really don't want to spend that kind of money if it's not my problem.

Thanks for the reply!

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