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1990 CRX Si Parasitic Short


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Just recently bought one of those light bulb testers to check for a short circuit, and discovered it to be on the circuit with the brake lights and car horn (fuse #35, under the hood). I'm assuming the short is around the brake lights since water leaks in back there, but it could very well be the horn. What is the best way to go about finding the exact spot of the short?


Thanks for help

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You first need to get a decent multi-meter. It does have to have an "amp" function. Remove the negative lead from battery and put meter in series with circuit (make sure leads are plugged into correct holes on meter). One lead on negative post and one to chassis ground.

You should get an amp reading. With everything else off in the car (including all interior lighting) the only draw present should be your clock which is very minimal.

Your drain is also a component of that reading. Now it's a matter of doing things like unplugging the horn, removing bulbs, etc. Something is going to affect the amp reading - preferably drop the reading.

Keep us posted.

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