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Question on adding subs


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Hi so in the trunk you can see rear speakers right here




so i was wondering if i could just attach the sub wires to the wires going to the rear speakers so that i don't have to wire it up all the way to the stereo?? or could i just detach one of the rear speakers and have it go to the sub??


Please let me know if i'm wrong i have 0 knowledge on how sound systems work. Thanks

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The answer is definately not.


Your average true power ratings on most head units are 17-22 watts


All that will happen is you will hook your subs up, barely get any output and start running volume at max, and turning up every bass and decimal gain available to you. Alot of people will tell you that underpowering a sub will kill the sub. This is entirely false as well. Underpowering a sub will not kill it, as long as the power is clean.


Over a head unit, at max volume, with all your bass settings on high, and/or DB gains, and low end EQ settings up on high, you will surely have a clipped signal and the distrortion WILL kill the subs even at underpowered levels of operation.


Get an amp, hook it up right, and dont buy cheaply built stuff.

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