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d15b7 turbo


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Last fall i bought a honda dx for $100 cause of a blown head gasket. I have came across some money and have bought a turbocharger kit for it since 1.5L is sooo powerful. Just a cheap ebay t3 kit cause im on a budget. The car runs now, its all stock but im going to start transforming it this weekend. Knock off catback and some gauges for the turbo is what my current project will be, but i am suck on some things. One, i need to find the best way of running the vacuum lines. For now thats all I am going to have trouble with. Seem dumb right? Yeah well i need some help because i have looked everywhere for a vacuum diagram that will work. I have a non electric boost controller, I just need to know how the lines run. I havent really thought of buying a vacuum manifold, but if i were too, would it be better in the long run? I just am sick of looking myself and could use some help. Let me know please.

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