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Honda Accord RH side view mirror help!


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My 91 4 door Accord RH side view mirror just broken because of some stupid shopping cart.


I need to replace it ASAP and I have two option,

-Buy an used one on ebay ($20-40)

-Buy a pair of M3 style powered with amber LED for $50


Here is my question:

-Which option should I chose? I don't know how to install the M3 mirror. Is it hard because it included wireharness meaning cutting wire, mounting bracket meaning not fitting exactly.


Please tell me what to do! My mom will kill me if she know it next Wednesday when she came back from work w00t !


Thanks alot!

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Is it your car or your Moms! Why would she get mad if it's your car?

My opinion-I think M3 side view mirrors are real tacky on a Accord. Some things just aren't worth changing on a Honda. I would stay stock, when it comes to side view mirrors.

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