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d16z6 wont startanymore!


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Ok i had just finished rebuilding my enigne from the ground up using mostly stock parts the day i finished putting it back in like a week ago i was able to fire her right up and drive her awhile with the only problem being a rough idle and sumtimes stalling out when i come to a complete stop the rmps would just not stay up.


But anyways i replaced the map sensor cause thats what i thought it was and since then i havent been able to get he motor to start im getting gas and spark but only on cyl 2 and 3 ater trying to start it i pulled the plugs and 1 and 4 where soaking with gas, i have compression in all cyls i just cant get cyl 1 and 4 to get spark and fire, like i said i had it running b4 i just cant figure out why is would decide to now not start.


i put the old map senor on thinking that the only thing i changed and same thing was happening, if anyone got any ideas i would like to hear them, thank you in advance = )

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