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95 Honda Civic LX overheating


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So this is my first car and I bought it used off Craigslist. It's been running fine for a week or so but now it's giving me a serious issue. First, I decided to change the VSS in hopes that it would fix my speedometer but it didn't help one bit. Shortly after it was changed, my car began to overheat. The engine starts to shake as if it were having a misfire. My brother then decided to do a Tune up on the car and as he was changing the spark plugs, we noticed 2 of them had oil in them but since we were doing the Tune-Up, we figured this would go away. Once the Tune-Up finished, I still remained with the same over heating issue (Also, I should mention I connected my radiator fan direct as for some weird reason, it randomly stopped functioning otherwise.). We also noticed that Oil continued getting into 1 specific spark plug and sometimes randomly when I would turn on the car, white "Smoke" would come out the exhaust but this would last only about a minute and go away and to top it, it happened only sometimes so it wasn't occurring every time I turned the car on. Does anyone have any clue what so ever of what might be happening to my car? She's got about 190,000 miles on her. I'd appreciate any input, thanks.

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check the oil itself and see if it is milky colored at all. often white smoke from the tail in large quantities is antifreeze burning, if it is a minor amount and goes away quickly that is pretty normal for a cold honda.


first thing to check on the overheating is to triple check each fuse in the interior fuse panel. there are at least three fuses that I know of pertaining to the thermal system and they are not marked as having to do with the thermal system.


If those things check out let us know, we have plenty more diag items to do.

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Okay, so it turns out that the car isn't overheating (I'm a newbie at this) but is stable. Now the reason I thought it was over heating is because the engine shakes. We changed all of the spark plugs and all of the wires work (They generate electricity) but the weird thing is that after driving around for 10 minutes or so, when I pop the hood, my engine is shaking a little and when I lift up the 2nd spark plug wire to the left, my car doesn't react. However, if I lift up any of the other 3, the car turns off. Anyone have any idea what's going on with my Engine? It feels like a misfire but my brother is stuck. Thanks.


(Oh and as for the oil getting into the plugs, turns out I had to drain some oil as my car had way too much.)

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