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Wierd Grinding Sound

Drop Shock

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Alright so heres the deal. I have a 94 Si 5spd and everytime I let go of the gas and the car starts to slow down i hear a small grinding/scratching sound coming from my car. To stop it I either press on the gas or step on the clutch. Idk wtf this is. I've never own a honda before this so is this like a normal problem that comes with del sols or is it something serious?


help would be greatly appreciated



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more than likely your clutch is messed up.. could have the rare problem i had when i got mine.. shattered the clutch springs



if its the clutch im really lucky. when i bought the car 2 days ago i felt the clutch was slipping a little so i told him and he threw in a new perfection clutch and flywheel. so if its the clutch im getting it fixed on monday lol

thanks man

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