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lookin at a crx


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Alright, so ive just been looking at cars, and i found this nice 1986 honda civic SI.. (I guess its still a CRX though.. looks the same)

Well ive been wanting to get another Honda just cause i love them.. and i want something so i dont have to drive my caliber in the snow.. so i found this Civic SI, its in real good condition, has 245,000 miles, it looks clean has the 5 speed in it and its $1800...

But what i want to know about it is, Is that high mileage? is it a good price? and whats the difference between a CRX and a Civic SI? and would it be a good car?


Heres a link to it. http://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/2054461717.html

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That's not a CRX, it's just a civic, and I'd never pay more than $900 for that car... if that. Regardless of the condition that car is in, it's got way too many miles on it and it's way too old to be worth that much. At least to me. You can do much better for that price for a DD. Keep looking IMO

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a poo bucket? really. You are a tool.


The car is actually priced very well for being an excellent condition 25 year old survivor. It would be an injustice to buy it as a winter beater since it is nearly a classic at this point. At the time when the car came out it was a phenomenal car. Small, quick, handled like a dream and still got 35mpg with a carb.


Shane is correct though. For a winter beater car for $1800 you could find a much newer and more reliable car (although the mileage at 245k really isn't that high when you break down miles/year). This one really is better off to an enthusiast.


Keep searching craigslist. Here in Ohio here have had a glut of 96-00 civics hit the listings in the 2000-2500 range. Yesterday found a white 97 5spd hatch with 165k, little quarter rust but only $1900 from a dealer at that.

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