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finally fixing my civic.

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so it all started about two months ago. i changed my head that same day i grenaded a connecting rod . i kinda saw it comming but anywho last friday i picked up a whole d15b7 for a hundred bucks. the guy i bought it from was like " it just stopped running " my response was ok? i stripped the motor all down last week cause im only using the lower end and found the cause for it to stop running, the timing belt tensioner crap the bed and caused the timing belt to snap. i was like woot easy fix. the motor has 150k on it looks to be in really good condition it was drivin by an old guy its whole life and was an automatic so im pretty sure its never been abused. im so stoked to get this thing back on the road walking blows. lol. the whole thing will be redone as far as the motor and tranny are concerned. i havent been around in a while cause all this shiz happened thats the reasoning for this long ass post



and btw my girlyyy frand said heyyyy :)

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on the road again....


yeah. i got her back on the road tokk about 6 hours to get the motor all in and running i forgot to check the timing marks on the crank and it didnt wanna start. but i checked them and it was like three teeth off. fixed it and it fired right up. the difference is night and day between the way it ran when i bought it and now. i might be picking up a t25 for 50 bucks friday but im not sure i need a bunch to get a sticker but a turbo doesnt fall under that category. lol. plus i had the car on the road for 2 days and got a 263 dollar speeding ticket which puts a dent in my pocket for a lil bit. kinda sux



i miss my sol so much but i do like having room for more then one person....

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