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Sneak Peak.


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Shiiiit. Shows how much attention I pay!


Ok, pics of said Lude asap! :p

will try to get some decent pics. Haha.


Good work Dildo, do it big.



I won't be mounting them anytime soon because I don't want to put them on, and winter get here. So, be expecting right after the salt and crap goes away. Lol.

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Here's Pics for ya Seb. Pics are crapty quality but they'll do. I took these a couple days after I got the car.


Front End.



Teh Engine.






Teh Dent. :(



Silver Sunroof.



And Teh Best Part. LEATHER.


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Haha, sol is rotting. :( I have to put another motor in it. I have 2 more cars to paint so i'll have some extra cash here shortly. Give or take two months, i'll have the sol back up and running with an ls for now. Cams for the lude, ordering tires for the rims. I'll definitely have something to show you guys.

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It's rotting! Noooooo!


Well, at least you ain't got rid of it. :D

Yeah, I put a new fender on it yesterday, and got some fresh ass 14'' steelies with the honda centercaps. I sold my ls meshies for the steelies, fender, and $130. Made out pretty good on it.


I want your SE wheels!

Hmm.... Depends on if I get a new Winter wheel. ;)

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